Farm Property & Equine Liability

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At Kaplow Insurance Agency, we understand the complexity of each equestrian’s lifestyle and are able to bridge the gaps in coverage from unique liability risks of owning and/or managing horses to owning your own farm or ranch. Take a moment to look at the specific liability coverage’s we offer:

  • Farm Property & Liability provides coverage for your home, equipment, barn structures and equine liability.  The coverage can be used on both personal and commercial farm.
  • Commercial General Liability provides coverage for professionals and facilities in the horse industry such as trainers, instructors, breeders, boarding farms and riding schools.
  • Care, Custody & Control provides coverage for equine professionals, who typically care for other’s horses. This will provide coverage in the event the horse dies or is injured in their care and they are held responsible for it.
  • Personal Horse Owners Liability provides coverage for the individual horse owners who want protection against liability in the event their horse should injure someone or damage property.
  • Horse Show Liability provides coverage for individuals or organizations putting on horse shows, events, or exhibitions for profit. It protects against claims arising from an individual being injured or the event property being damaged.

Please contact the office today to learn more about the liability coverage’s that will apply for you.

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